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Communicating testbed status to the users

ExoGENI Operations team uses several methods for communicating the status of various parts of the testbed to the users:

  1. They are announced on the geni-orca-users@googlegroups.com Google group
  2. They are announced on Twitter
  3. Last 5 announcements are visible on the ExoGENI website

The Operations team uses standard hashtags (#) to reference specific parts of the testbed to make it easier to search:

  • #xo_stitching - Inter-rack stitching
  • #xo_<rack acronym> - status of a specific rack (e.g. #xo_rci refers to the RENCI rack)
  • #xo_ben - BEN - Breakable Experimental Network connecting several racks in North Carolina
  • #ExoGENI - all of ExoGENI

You can use the picture below to help make sense of the announcements:

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