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Available ORCA Controllers

ORCA Controllers expose multiple APIs, including GENI APIs. Controllers have different levels of resource visibility. For example some controllers can only see resources in one rack, similar to GENI Aggregate Managers. Others can see larger portions of resources across racks and ExoGENI stitching resources, like ExoSM. Please note that rack resources are typically split, such that a portion is visible to the rack controller and the rest to ExoSM. However, for example all bare-metal nodes can only be accessed via ExoSM. In some cases rack's resources can only be accessed via its controller and none are visible to ExoSM.

The URLs of the controllers are listed in this registry.

These URLs can be added into the .flukes.properties file when using Flukes or used with Omni tool in place of a GENI AM URL. Newer versions of Flukes automatically import controllers from this list.

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