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-====== Available ORCA SMs ======+====== Available ORCA Controllers ======
-The following ORCA SM URLs are available to experimenters (they can be used as URLs of GENI AMs or in Flukes): +ORCA Controllers expose multiple APIs, including GENI APIsControllers have different levels of resource visibilityFor example some controllers can only see resources in one racksimilar to GENI Aggregate ManagersOthers can see larger portions of resources across racks and ExoGENI stitching resources, like ExoSMPlease note that rack resources are typically splitsuch that a portion is visible to the rack controller and the rest to ExoSMHoweverfor example all bare-metal nodes can only be accessed via ExoSMIn some cases rack's resources can only be accessed via its controller and none are visible to ExoSM
-^ SM Name ^ SM Scope and resources ^ SM URL ^ Notes ^ + 
-| ExoSM | Intra-rack slices, global inter-rack slices and all bare-metal resources| https://geni.renci.org:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Ties in resources from all racks with stitching.\\ Has access to **bare-metal nodes** in all racks| +The URLs of the controllers are listed in this [[http://geni.renci.org:15080/registry/controllers.jsp registry]]
-| RCI SM | RENCI Rack (VMsstorage and VLANs) | https://rci-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only RCI (RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC) resources + 
-| BBN SM | BBN Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://bbn-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only BBN (BBN/GPO, Boston, MA) resources +These URLs can be added into the [[https://geni-orca.renci.org/trac/wiki/flukes | .flukes.properties]] file when using Flukes or used with Omni tool in place of a GENI AM URLNewer versions of Flukes automatically import controllers from this list.
-| FIU SM | FIU Rack (VMsstorage and VLANs) | https://fiu-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only FIU (FIU, Miami, FL) resources +
-| UH SM | UH Rack (VMsstorage and VLANs) | https://uh-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only UH (UHHouston, TX) resources| +
-| Duke SM | Duke Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://dbc1-16.nicl.cs.duke.edu:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only Duke (Duke University, Durham, NC) resources+
-| NICTA SM | NICTA (Australia) Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://nicta-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only NICTA (NICTA, Sydney, Australia) resources| +
-| UvA NL SM | UvA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://uva-nl-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only UvA (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) resources | +
-| UFL SM | UFL Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://ufl-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only UFL (UFL, Gainesville, FL) resources |  +
-| OSF SM | OSF Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://osf-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc Only OSF (Oakland Scientific Facility, Oakland, CA) resources | +
-| SL SM | SL Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://sl-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only SL (StarLight, Chicago, IL) resources | +
-| UCD SM | UCD Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://ucd-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only UCD (UCDavis, Davis, CA) resources | +
-| WVN SM | WVNet Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://wvn-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only WVN (WVnet, Morgantown, WV) resources | +
-| TAMU SM | TAMU Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://tamu-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only TAMU (TAMU, College Station, TX) resources | +
-| WSU SM | WSU Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://wsu-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc Only WSU (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) resources | +
-| UMASS SM | UMass Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://umass-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only UMass (UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA) resources | +
-| GWU SM | GWU Rack (VMs and VLANs) | https://gwu-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only GWU (George Washington University, Washington DC) resources | +
-| PSC SM | PSC Rack (VMs, storage and VLANs) | https://psc-hn.exogeni.net:11443/orca/xmlrpc | Only PSC (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Pittsburgh PA) resources|+
-These URLs can be added into the [[https://geni-orca.renci.org/trac/wiki/flukes | .flukes.properties]] file when using Flukes or used with Omni tool in place of a GENI AM URL. 
-Please note that rack resources are typically split, such that a portion is visible to the rack SM and the rest to ExoSM. However, for example all bare-metal nodes can only be accessed via ExoSM. In some cases rack's resources can only be accessed via its SM and none are visible to ExoSM.