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RSpecs are dialects of languages that help experimenters describe their slices and help GENI testbeds describe the provisioned resources. ORCA native rspecs are OWL-based (yes, that's semantic web standard). Generally experimenters are not expected to be able to craft or parse these rspecs manually. ORCA tools like Flukes are capable of translating between graphical slice representations and NDL-OWL (the name of ORCA rspec).

Additionally, ORCA supports GENI XML RSpecs via a translation facility. This facility works in conjunction with the GENI AM API compatibility layer within ORCA to support GENI interfaces.

There are certain conventions, that should be followed when using GENI RSpecs with ExoGENI. Expressivity of RSpecs is lower compared to NDL-OWL, which limits the types of experiments that can be run using GENI RSpec-based tools.

RSpec rack names

These names should be used in RSpecs when requesting resources from a particular rack on ExoSM via omni of Flack/GENI Portal.

Rack Name, Location Component manager URN
RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:rcivmsite+authority+am
BBN, Boston, MA urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:bbnvmsite+authority+am
NICTA, Eveleigh NSW, Australia urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:nictavmsite+authority+am
Duke University, Durham, NC urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:dukevmsite+authority+am
FIU, Miami, FL urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:fiuvmsite+authority+am
UH, Houston, TX urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:uhvmsite+authority+am
UFL, Gainesville, FL urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:uflvmsite+authority+am
OSF, Oakland, CA urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:osfvmsite+authority+am
SL, Chicago IL urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:slvmsite+authority+am
UCD, Davis, CA urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:ucdvmsite+authority+am
TAMU, College Station, TX urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:tamuvmsite+authority+am
WVnet, WV urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:wvnvmsite+authority+am
UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands urn:publicid:IDN+exogeni.net:uvavmsite+authority+am

The URLs of individual racks can be found here.

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