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ExoGENI Head Node

Example Hardware Specs

Network Configuration


Bond Slave Interfaces VLAN(s) Tagging Purpose
bond0 eth0 (from public); eth4 (from Port 47 on BNT8052) 1010 untagged Public
bond1 eth1, eth5 1009 untagged iSCSI
bond2 eth2,eth3,eth6,eth7 1006,1007,1008 tagged Mgt, OpenStack, xCAT

Public Interface Notes

In an ideal scenario, the head node has public access failover capability, via a bonded active/active or active/passive interface. In that scenario, the provider has two cables providing public-facing connectivity. One runs to the head node, and the other runs to the SSG5. For example:

  • Go to eth0 on head node
  • Goes to 0/0 on SSG5
    • Go to port 48 on mgt switch (BNT8052)
    • Go from port 47 on mgt switch back to eth4 on head node