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Power Config Options

  • 120v 1 phase @ 20 AMP, requires 6 PDUs
  • 208v 1 phase @ 30 AMP, requires 2 PDUs
  • 208v 3 phase @ 60 AMP, requires 1 PDU

The electrical service needs to match the PDU. 3 Phase @ 60 AMP is convenient, since most datacenters provide it, it is enough to run the entire rack, and only requires a single PDU. However, it is more than what an ExoGENI rack needs. If you wish to only run 30 AMP circuits, you can do that.

PDU Ratings

  • Don't exceed 80% of the rating of a PDU
  • A 20 AMP PDU, don't put more then 16AMP max load
  • A 30 AMP don't go past 24


  • watts divided by volts = amps
    • e.g. a 500W worker node at 120V will take 4.2 AMPs, at 208v it will take 2.4 amps
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