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ExoGENI control software supports a variety of vendors and options. The list of supported hardware grows continuously, please contact us to find out the latest. Each rack consists of a head node, some number (typically 10) worker nodes and, optionally a storage server or storage appliance.

Below are some of the established configurations of ExoGENI racks. Servers:

  • IBM M4 servers
  • Dell R7XX servers
  • Cisco UCS-B series
  • Cisco UCS-C series

Network adapters are 10Gbps Chelsio and Mellanox, some sites have 40G Mellanox adapters.

Supported storage options include (meaning this type of storage can be made user-sliverable):

  • IBM DS3512 or similar
  • Some variants of NetApp
  • Linux-based storage servers supporting partitionaing/virtualization based on either
    • LVM
    • ZFS
    • Gluster

Supported TOR network switches include:

  • IBM G8264
  • Dell S4810
  • Juniper QFX3500, EX3200
  • Cisco 3400, Nexus series
  • Ciena 8700

ExoGENI IBM Rack Details

Current generation of ExoGENI racks built by IBM and are based on M4 servers. They have the option to support 10/40 and 100G NICs. Current ExoGENI racks ship with 10G Mellanox NICs (older variants also used Chelsio). Each rack has a Layer 2 dataplane switch that has 10 and 40G uplinks, depending on the site (1G is also possible).

Expected power consumption is 10kW.

Please use the links below to find the exact part numbers for ExoGENI racks based on IBM hardware. You can also visit rack layout and click on individual components. Section network details the network connectivity options.

For cabling diagrams, please consult this document (note that GPO-funded racks come pre-cabled at the factory).

Each rack runs the software stack that allows ExoGENI sites to operate with each other and interoperate with other GENI testbeds.

Compatible hardware configurations are available from Dell and Cisco.

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