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-==== ExoGENI Rack Details ====+{{indexmenu_n>40}}
-Please use the links below to find the exact part numbers for ExoGENI racks based on IBM hardware. +==== Overview ==== 
-{{indexmenu>.#3|js#doku tsort nsort nocookie}}+ExoGENI control software supports a variety of vendors and options. The list of supported hardware grows continuously, please contact us to find out the latest. Each rack consists of a head node, some number (typically 10) worker nodes and, optionally a storage server or storage appliance
 +Below are some of the established configurations of ExoGENI racks. Servers:  
 +  * IBM M4 servers
 +  * Dell R7XX servers
 +  * Cisco UCS-B series
 +  * Cisco UCS-C series
 +Network adapters are 10Gbps Chelsio and Mellanox, some sites have 40G Mellanox adapters. 
 +Supported storage options include (meaning this type of storage can be made user-sliverable): 
 +  * IBM DS3512 or similar
 +  * Some variants of NetApp
 +  * Linux-based storage servers supporting partitionaing/virtualization based on either
 +    * LVM
 +    * ZFS
 +    * Gluster
 +Supported TOR network switches include:
 +  * IBM G8264 
 +  * Dell S4810
 +  * Juniper QFX3500, EX3200
 +  * Cisco 3400, Nexus series
 +  * Ciena 8700
 +==== ExoGENI IBM Rack Details ====
 +Current generation of ExoGENI racks built by IBM and are based on M4 servers. They have the option to support 10/40 and 100G NICs. Current ExoGENI racks ship with 10G Mellanox NICs (older variants also used Chelsio). Each rack has a Layer 2 dataplane switch that has 10 and 40G uplinks, depending on the site (1G is also possible). 
 +Expected power consumption is 10kW.
 +Please use the links below to find the exact part numbers for ExoGENI racks based on IBM hardware. You can also visit [[:public:hardware:rack_layout |rack layout]] and click on individual components. Section [[:public:hardware:network:start | network ]] details the network connectivity options.
 +For cabling diagrams, please consult [[https://svn.exogeni.net/repos/config/diagrams/ExoGENI_Cabling_Diagrams.pdf | this document]] (note that GPO-funded racks come pre-cabled at the factory).
 +Each rack runs the [[:public:software:start | software stack ]] that allows ExoGENI sites to operate with each other and interoperate with other GENI testbeds.
 +Compatible hardware configurations are available from Dell and Cisco.
 +{{indexmenu>.#3|js#doku tsort nsort nocookie}}