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ExoGENI Rack Details

ExoGENI racks are based on x3650 M4 servers with SandyBridge and have the option to support 10/40 and 100G NICs. Current ExoGENI racks ship with 10G NICs. Each rack has a Layer 2 dataplane switch that has 10 and 40G uplinks, depending on the site (1G is also possible).

Expected power consumption is 10kW.

Please use the links below to find the exact part numbers for ExoGENI racks based on IBM hardware. You can also visit rack layout and click on individual components. Section network details the networking setup of the rack.

For cabling diagrams, please consult this document.

Each rack runs the software stack that allows ExoGENI sites to operate with each other and interoperate with other GENI testbeds.