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 ====== For Tool Developers ====== ====== For Tool Developers ======
-===== ORCA Native API =====+===== Programmatic access to ORCA API =====
-To use ORCA native APIs you can take a look at scripts in the [[https://github.com/RENCI-NRIG/ahab/pyscripts | AHAB Git Repo]]. They show how each of the API calls can be exercised.+Programmatic access is available at multiple levels
-Note that these scripts are sensitive to the version of Python (must be 2.6).+  * At the lowest level you can directly invoke the APIs that e.g. Flukes invokes for you. Python scripts that show how each call can be exercised can be found here on GitHub: [[https://github.com/RENCI-NRIG/ahab/tree/master/pyscripts | AHAB Git Repo]]. Note that these scripts are sensitive to the version of Python (must be 2.6). 
 +  * For higher level programmatic abstractions, you can use the Java AHAB library. This library can programmatically create/delete/extend/modify slices and maintain local slice state inside the application: [[https://github.com/RENCI-NRIG/aha | AHAB Git Repo]]
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